What is Higher Power Homes?

Higher Power Homes a service-disabled, veteran-owned, small business (SDVOSB) that provides individuals and families the opportunity to either purchase a home or rent homes.  Higher Power Homes caters to low-to-moderate income clients who are looking to buy or rent a home.


Our mission is to make sure anyone who wants a house gets a home, and everyone who needs a shelter, gets a house.  We believe everybody needs a second chance at life and understand it’s challenging to own or rent a home with less-than-perfect credit. So, Higher Power Homes was created as a way you can own or rent your home, while we are still working on your credit, as we provide rent-to-own homes as well.


Higher Homes is strategically partnered with Credit Power, LLC, and also has a subsidiary company, Hope Housing.

What is Hope Housing?

Hope Housing, LLC, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Higher Power Homes, Inc., and a culturally competent, personal care home that provides housing and other services for women (with children) in transition who have a range of mental health diagnoses and challenges.  The mission of Hope Housing is to create a superior residential experience for mothers with mental illness and co-occurring disorders by offering an environment specifically designed to make residents active and engaged in the community, support residents in management of their illness and enable residents to get focused and become advocates for themselves.


We give mothers and children housing, therapy and, maybe most important, hope in improving their lives and even relationships. The goal is to give these mothers, who are instrumental parts and the backbone of ours communities, an opportunity to lead safe, healthy, independent and productive lives.


More information coming soon for Hope Housing.  If you’d like to receive information please CLICK HERE.

What is Credit Power?

Credit Power is a partner company of Higher Power Homes  and works with its clients to by providing credit education, restoration, and focused financial management. Credit Power interacts directly with the creditors and all three credit reporting agencies (Equifax, Experian, & TransUnion) to ensure they have inaccurate, unverifiable, outdated items, updated or removed permanently, in accordance with FCRA & consumer laws.


Credit Power holds your hand throughout your credit repair process, helping you feel comfortable while we continue to raise the bar of excellence.  Even the employees at Credit Power had less than perfect credit so the company “inner-stands” credit as a sensitive topic. This is the reason Credit Power creates custom plans tailored to fit your unique situation, and empowering you to look attractive to lenders, confident, and credit power ready!   Visit the Credit Power website for more information


Job Placement

In support of both residential home purchase and rent-to-own services and programs, Higher Power Homes connects its clients with job opportunities and earnings additional streams of revenue.

Housing Placement

Higher Power Homes facilitates the placement of individuals and families to permanent, residential housing, develops permanent, residential housing options and ensures housing readiness of clients.

Credit Education

Higher Power Homes offers a full spectrum of credit education and repair services through its partner company, Credit Power, LLC, to all of is clients.  We realize that our client’s credit rating like a unique, financial blueprint that tells a person’s story.

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